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Superfoods – The Buzzword

The term superfood may feel like a relatively new
addition to the common vocabulary. But the
concept of a magical food that has remarkably high…

Kombat Wellness, July 09, 2021

Essential Oils — Relax, Renew, and Refresh

Essential oils or aromatic oils smell great, lessen stress, heal fungal infections, and help you to get a sound sleep. They are…

Kombat Wellness, September 5, 2021

Fitness is a way of Life

‘Run for Life’, was the ceaseless motto of the human race that emerged around 10,000 BC. With the purpose to survive in the harsh environment the early man…

Kombat Wellness, July 17, 2021

5 Effective Home Remedies for Healthy & Flawless Skin

Let’s accept it! Patchy, Dull, and Lifeless are three terms you perhaps hope never define your skin. But when hormones, dry weather, or sunburn knocks at…

Kombat Wellness, July 19, 2021


  • Amanda Bhandari

    PR & Marketing Consultant and Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

  • Kanika & Vanjul Aggarwal


    Our experience with Kombat has been exceptionally satisfying. Neha with her team really knows what they are doing for their clients. The PR coverage that we got for Satvik Spirit was amazing. Within a few months we were featured in few of the top magazines and blogs. They are organized and do a monthly follow-up for their PR reach which is an added bonus. I will surely recommend Kombat for all those who are looking to increase visibility in media. The entire team was a pleasure to work with. Will surely touch base with them again. Thank you Kombat for giving Satvik Spirit the recognization online and offline. Deepika and Devika from Neha's team worked for Satvik as if it was their own brand. We really appreciated the love and support the entire team had shown us. Couldn't think of any one better doing it for us. I wish Kombat all the best and hope it succeeds in all its future endeavors.
    Satvik Spirit, July 19, 2021
  • Kartikeya Manan

    Being a specialist agency run by someone who understands the wellness space works extremely well in the favour of Kombat. This holds true especially while working with external partners, such as myself, from pitching the concept to the execution. The team is well aware of the market segment and their client’s requirements which enables them to provide valuable insights which results in the creation of better content.As a photographer it was an absolute pleasure working with Neha & the team at Kombat to work on a project which did justice to both the brand’s campaign and my creative vision.
    Professional Photographer, July 14, 2021
  • Arshhya Chhabra


    Our association with Platoon/Kombat began in March, weeks before the second lockdown. We learnt how to work together as a team despite multiple personal and professional challenges the country was facing at that time.As a new business owner, I needed hand holding and guidance and not just being provided with a service. Neha and her team did that at every single point! Creatively I had many ideas, they helped me to zero down on the look and feel I wanted for the brand language and then they moved into execution mode. With total finesse at that! They are innovative, modern and very very committed. I can’t say enough good things. Simply I’m happy with my choice and we will go places together!!
    Alive & Well, July 12, 2021
  • Gurpreet Singh Tikku

    Food Lover and Narrator of Culinary Experiences

    A Marketing Agency is a Bridge between Consumers, Prospective Consumers and Brand. Often the best of Products/Services fail if this Bridge is faulty. My experience with Kombat Wellness Agency assured me that we still have agencies who represent the brand as if they own it. My experience with them was Extra Ordinarily Great and from now I shall say yes to any proposal they have, even without seeking more details. Their focus is to make everyone in the Loop win, because they believe that is their true win. Best wishes Neha Jee, Team Kombat, Keep Battling
    Culinary Experiences, July 08, 2021
  • Nitin Khanna


    It’s taken us a few attempts to find a team that works in sync with us for our digital and PR. The best bits about working with Kombat are, they never backdown from a challenge, they remain passionately committed to our brand, they often exceed our expectations, and Neha is only ever a phone call away from giving us advice across several areas of our business. I highly recommend them if you want results.
    Potenza Advanced Wellness, July 07, 2021

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